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It looks like the hospitality industry is choosing not-so-popular zones in Delhi to open their outlets. The Brewmaster, a multi-cuisine family restaurant, recently launched in Kirti Nagar, a place better known for its furniture market.

This new hangout is spacious and dimly-lit. And the entire place has been furnished in black wood, with the colored, flower printed uniform of waiters contrasting with the European fine dining ambience. Live music plays on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

“Since this place is projected as a family restaurant, our artist sings light rock and Bollywood melodies,” informs Anuj Mahto, the GM.

They have played safe with the menu. It’s an elaborate mix of Continental, Oriental and Punjabi cuisines. Mahto cites the reason.

“West Delhi has very good multi-cuisine restaurants. People either go to Connaught Place or South Delhi. So we want to be a game changer,” Mahto comments.

He tells us that a live Japanese seafood grill, the Teppanyaki, has also been introduced.

“Japanese food is popular. But in West Delhi, barely any outlet serves it. Through Teppanyaki, we target the business class from adjoining places like Punjabi Bagh, Karol Bagh, Patel Nagar and Rajouri Garden who are well-travelled and enjoy Oriental cuisine.”

To try out as many dishes as possible, I chose two appetizers from the vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections. The sole fish steak was tender and fresh, while the diced chicken in black pepper sauce was succulent and aromatic.

For vegetarians, their Oriental shashlik and American corn is healthy and light. If that doesn’t fill you, then go for the evergreen kali mirch paneer tikka.

If this place gets its liquor license. The Brewmaster will become Delhi’s first microbrewery, serving fresh wheat, rice and barley beer. “We already have separate section which serves fresh beer. Besides alcohol, we will have a separate menu for appetizers, keeping the beer in mind,” Mahto adds.

While Rajouri Garden is the hub for West Delhi, Mahto feels people will come to this place for its live music, ambiance and buffet. “Unlike south Delhiites, the West enjoys buffet and kitty parties. We get maximum calls for those,” he says. In the main course, I try the popular desi favourites – Kadhai Paneer and malai murgh. While the former is nothing special, the latter is a must-try.

The chicken is juicy and the gravy is not spicy. And the dal makhni fails to impress.Their mix vegetable is mild and a little tangy. After one naan, you feel full.

If you are health conscious, this place is not for you.Those who want Oriental cuisine, the Thai green curry is a good option.

It is mild, creamy and served with steamed rice. To end my dinner,I opt for gulab jamun and baked yogurt. The former is tender, while the baked flavored yogurt is dry and not too sweet.
A must- try for those who prefer less sugar in desserts.

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