Mango Festival Published On HT West Delhi Newspaper

Dated: 1 July 2013 | Category: Press releases | Comments: 0

The summer brings heat and dust, making life difficult. But one welcome thing in the season is mango, not only to beat the heat but also to celebrate with special delicacies. BrewMaster, a fine-dining restaurant, is holding a mango festival. Besides the regular, multi-cuisine menu that includes Continental, Mughlai, elements from South Indian and Oriental cuisine, one can enjoy an array of preparations made from mango at the ongoing festival.
So presumably, a meal here starts with a mango lassi or aam ka panna. This is followed by salads such as mango Caesar salad and mango cheese salad. In some of the usual dishes, there is an interesting mango twist. The good old paneer and fish tikka is presented with a mango dip. It does lend a new feel to a routine dish.
Mango sauce is also used in making other starters such as tandoori mango or grilled fish. The vegetarian lovers can go in for stir fried vegetables with mango sauce or pasta in mango dressing. Surely a meal at the festival cannot be complete without mango desserts. Here you have many good choices such as mango mousse, mango panna cotta, mango kheer and mango ice cream with fresh mangoes on top and all around.
According to Chef Manishankar Jha, “There is almost universal liking for mangoes among us Indians, but given the inherent sweetness of this king of fruits, it is a challenge for the chefs to convert it into an authentic dish.”
Besides this, the place also has a regular buffet spread with select preparations from different cuisine.

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