Goan Food Festival Published in Today’s Hindu Metro Plus @ The BrewMaster Delhi

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In Delhi monsoon is in no mood to pack its bags and the weather seems quite pleasant if one is not stuck in any traffic jam. Though some of my friends have gone on a short trip to Goa but they would envy me as being in Delhi I was still able to get good Goan food, courtesy the ongoing “The Great Goan Food Festival” at The Brewmaster in Kirti Nagar’s Moments Mall.

The Brewmaster is one such restaurant which keeps exploring different cuisines and comes up with a nice food festival every couple of months. I went on a Sunday afternoon and saw people waiting outside. Luckily, I reserved my table in advance and got seated near the glass wall table which I prefer whenever I visit the restaurant. The Menu for the Goan Festival was very selective having four starters each in vegetarian and non-vegetarian section, but the selection was of traditional Goan delicacies. In-House Chef Manishankar Jha started my Goan feast with a glass of refreshing coconut water followed by the vegetarian platter. I tasted mushroom chilli fry first and liked the dish. It was flavourful and tasty. Mushrooms were tender and blended well with the species.

Furmi corn was crispy and crunchy. Every time I took a spoonful of corns, I could feel the crunch. Paneer in Peri Peri sauce was tasty and spicy, Excotic mixed grilled vegetable was very blend. It lacked in seasoning as well as flavor. After the vegetarian options, I tasted rawa fried fish and prawn in Peri Peri both were were exception and very different in nature. Fish again had a crust of crunchy sooji but lacked a bit of seasoning.

On the other hand prawns were damn tender and bursting with flavors. Coriander chicken fry was worth a try. Though the Calamari racheado was overcooked and became chewy. Main course tempted me and i tasted one of my favourite Goan dishes, Chicken cafreal. It is such a nice preparation and if made well it tastes divine. Chef Jha made it to perfection. Flavor of Chicken with coriander was really to be cherished. Mutton Vindaloo, another masterpiece went with plain rice. Chicken Xacuti, another dish which
Goans really enjoy, was tasty but the balance of spices with coconut could have been better.

After enjoying my main course I recalled one tip from a Goan Chef that always end your Goan meal with Bebinca and I did the

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