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Amber: A premium lager with a crisp and Rich tastes, with a punchy head; brewed using imported Barley and Hops.
Brunette: Beyond the classic beer styles exists a wide range of other creations such as flavored beers, for instance: fruit beers, Honey beers, Chilli beers, Herb/Spiced beers.
Apart from this, beer cocktails are also on offer at BrewMaster. Blonde Beer, Fresh Ginger, lime Juice and Apple Vodka will refresh your body and soul. The other cocktails include Space Monkey, Raging Bull, and “Do-Naali Shooters: finally (and my favorite) the ‘Last Terminator which will really set you alight. The freshly brewed beer served to you not only refreshes your body but the unique odor makes you feel divine. Asking about the process, the proprietor of Delhi BrewMaster explains, “This is quite a complex process and involves various steps.” The Whole malted grain is milled (portioned and cracked) to allow it to absorb water which in turn helps to extract sugar from the malt. Two large tanks are delicately used to prepare treated hot and chilled water which are an essential process in the later stages of brewing. The milled grain is added with hot water into two sets of copper tanks, where it is mashed and stepped. This extracts the soluble goodness of the grain. The mashed grains are passed on to 2 more copper tanks for filtration where it turns into wort and post. Then hops are added and it is boiled in the wort kettle for a certain time to precipitate unwanted elements. Different flavors of hops are added at this stage. The wort is cooled in the process prepared before. It is cooled to the ideal fermentation temp of 12-14 degree centigrade. To this cooled wort (depending on the beer type). Different yeasts are introduced.

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